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Scoopi Cafe: Revolutionizing Ice Cream with
Liquid Nitrogen

Ice cream has always been a beloved treat, but Scoopi Cafe has taken it to a whole new level. Founded by Zubin Doshi on December 2, 2014, Scoopi Cafe specializes in serving liquid nitrogen ice cream. They offer an innovative and unique dessert experience that has captivated the taste buds of many. Known for its creativity and premium quality, Scoopi Cafe has not only revolutionized the ice cream industry but also set a new benchmark for luxury desserts.

The Inception of Scoopi Cafe and Its Visionary Founder

Zubin Doshi, the creator of Scoopi Cafe, started the business at the age of 22 with an initial investment of 200,000 AED. After being inspired by a visit to an Indian fusion restaurant in Bangkok that served nitrogen ice cream, Zubin decided to introduce this unique concept to the UAE. He received professional training in Orlando, America, where he earned a basic diploma in desserts, honing his skills to prepare liquid nitrogen ice cream. Scoopi Cafe gained recognition for its liquid nitrogen ice cream, which quickly became a sensation. The cafe’s most famous product, the Black Diamond, holds the title of being the most expensive ice cream scoop in the world, priced at 3,000 AED per scoop. Over the past decade, Scoopi Cafe has expanded its menu to include crêpes, waffles, milk cakes, and specialized brownies, all served with ice cream, making it a go-to destination for dessert lovers.

Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Success

Scoopi Cafe encountered numerous obstacles on its path to success. When the cafe first unveiled its revolutionary liquid nitrogen ice cream, it faced the daunting task of acquainting customers with this unfamiliar concept. Educating patrons about the safety measures and the distinctive nature of the product proved to be a significant challenge. Moreover, the initial years saw difficulties in convincing customers of the value of the ice cream, which was priced between 18 AED and 3,000 AED.

However, despite these challenges, Scoopi Cafe’s unwavering dedication to maintaining high standards and fostering innovation ultimately yielded fruitful results. The cafe emerged as a trailblazer in the dessert industry, earning the trust and admiration of its customers. Furthermore, the strategic placement of its outlets at the Timeout Market and Dubai Festival City Mall solidified its reputation as a premium brand.

Expansion and Franchising

As Scoopi Cafe marks a decade of success, the company is looking ahead with a clear vision for the future. The brand is poised for expansion through franchising, to bring its distinctive dessert experience to a wider audience. Founder Zubin envisions the opening of 15 new stores within the next two years, including five flagship outlets operated directly by the company and the others adopting the franchise model. The focus will be on establishing a presence in premium and community malls, reaffirming the brand’s commitment to maintaining an exclusive and high-quality image. Scoopi Cafe’s remarkable journey from a single establishment to a well-regarded brand in the UAE stands as a testament to innovation, perseverance, and the transformative power of a unique concept. With ambitious plans for growth and an ever-expanding base of loyal patrons, the future holds great promise for Scoopi Cafe and its dedicated customers.

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