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Success Behind the Sparkle: Unveiling the Inspiring Story of ZEWARR’s Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewellery has the potential to transcend its stereotype of appearing tacky or being priced inexpensively. When executed with finesse and attention to detail, an untapped market emerges, eager to invest in and proudly wear high-quality pieces.

This niche is where ZEWARR meaning jeweller – a fashion jewellery start-up founded by Nazia Arsalan Latif, an Indian from Mumbai, has found its own space.

With its innovative designs and exquisite finishing the brand has created quite a stir in the market and has drawn murmurs of admiration from fashionistas and society queens too. ZEWARR offers fashion jewellery that is totally unique in every sense. These are all individually crafted pieces and can be found only at ZEWARR. Working in collaboration with manufacturers from around the world and sourcing precious stones and accessories from the best, Nazia has created a super portfolio.

Dazzling long earrings, Necklaces with intricate motifs and patterns, Taiwan Pearl Necklace Set, Hazoorilal inspired earrings, Hasli pattern necklace and earrings with stunning red garnet, Chunky Neckpiece with Cyan Blue and Orange Amber Beads, Emerald Green Tear Drop Necklace, Classic duo tone, Sapphire Studded, Gold And Silver Necklace, Antique Golden Classical Mala, the list is as exhaustive as it is enchanting.

“I source stones directly from Jaipur, Nepal, and Tibet and I work with pure brass for the base setting metal. My jewellery is always lead and cadmium free. This eliminated the issue of skin irritation and encouraged my clients to try fashion jewellery.”  Said Nazia.

Customer service makes the brand sparkle…

ZEWAAR has already served more than 1000 customers. Customer queries are dealt with within 24 hours or less. Complaints if any, are promptly attended to and resolved. Its glowing reputation as a brand that is entirely focused on customer service, packaging, punctual delivery, quality, and inviting pricing, is what is making it expand its delivery circles in and around Qatar, Doha, Canada, Singapore, and even India. No compromise on anything, no matter how insignificant, is what keeps bringing back people to explore more about the brand.

“My repeat customers are the ones who truly make my day. And of course, the loving reviews shared by so many of them. I pay personal attention to everyone and that is what I feel makes a difference.” Shared Nazia.

Seeing her beautiful customers shine in her creations and collect admiring glances as tokens of their style and glamour – this is the gift that Nazia brings through ZEWAAR to every woman.

Being a startup brand and also a solo womanpreneur in a very competitive business niche has meant that Nazia has had to constantly be in the game. She made it a point to participate in events and exhibitions from where she got a great response from the ex-pat community in Qatar.

Leveraging social media to connect with customers and create a unique niche for ZEWARR…

With the brand now gaining traction, Nazia has set her sights on nurturing it onward to a positive growth curve.

“I have always consciously made my jewelry look different, very distinct and this is how it is always going to be. I am working towards making ZEWARR one of the coveted and trusted brands for premium jewelry in Qatar.” Shared Nazia.

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