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Semisweet Desserts & Confectionery – Crafting delightful memories, one sweet treat at a time.

Ever wondered what it takes to start a successful business and what keeps entrepreneurs motivated? There must be more than one recipe for success, but let us share an especially heartwarming one today.

The hero of today’s story, thee founder, used one simple ingredient to start Semisweet Desserts & Confectionery- the support of his family. What started as a single family recipe that was shared during family gatherings has grown into a successful business four years later. The taste that was praised only by a small family circle in the beginning, has become the center of many gatherings and has been helping families create memories, one sweet treat at a time.

In the spirit of fostering a genuine feeling of togetherness, Semisweet Desserts & Confectionery creates unique flavors that have been crafted with love and tradition. The founder, as the creative force behind Semisweet Desserts & Confectionery, takes pride in continuing to create trademark delicacies, ensuring that the brand remains true to its roots and brings happiness to communities.

A delicious menu of sweet temptations

Explore a world of sweet delights at Semisweet Desserts & Confectionery, where customer favorites take center stage. Indulge in the S’mores- a harmonious blend of marshmallow, brownies, melted chocolate, and biscuits, with a special Semisweet twist hidden inside. If you prefer to go old school with your desserts, you can always opt for the Date Pudding, featuring a dense sponge cake filled with chopped dates and drizzled with a sweet toffee sauce.

If you like your desserts more European, try out Semisweet’s Tiramisu, where ladyfingers meet coffee, whipped cream, and a dusting of cocoa.

And since no one can ever go wrong with chocolate, munching on any type of the brownies they always bake fresh is guaranteed to give you a well -deserved sugar rush after a long day at work.

If so far you got the impression they are only good at making classics- think again! Kunafa Milk Cake is a dessert crafted and customized in Semisweet’s kitchen- you won’t find a better post iftar treat anywhere else in Dubai.

And for those seeking comfort in every sip, Semisweet Desserts & Confectionery offers specialty coffee, meticulously crafted from high-quality roasted beans.

To further enhance the Semisweet experience, its custom web shop ensures a seamless and personalized journey for customers. With its own dedicated delivery systems, Semisweet Desserts & Confectionery offers a two-hour delivery time frame for most menu items. This commitment to prompt service reflects the founder’s dedication to not just meet but exceed the expectations of dessert enthusiasts.

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Creating growth through a tempting menu and a presence at inviting locations

What began as a humble venture in 2019 has now evolved into a thriving business,. The brand’s success can be attributed to the support of individuals with expansive social circles, and of course being a Desserts & Confectionery brand, word-of-mouth recommendations, really pushed it up the popularity charts.

Semisweet has successfully ventured into the B2B segment, with a particularly flourishing presence in all of the Emirates. What’s next on Semisweet’s agenda? Growing the brand through setting up multiple physical locations- spaces like charming specialty coffee shops that reflect the brand’s commitment to quality and uniqueness.

With a robust delivery network spanning across all Emirates, Semisweet Desserts & Confectionery ensures that its offerings reach customers far and wide. The founder’s strategic focus on expanding the brand’s physical presence aligns with Semisweet Desserts & Confectionery’s mission to not only be a culinary delight but also a welcoming destination for those seeking a unique dining and coffee experience.

Click to order your favorite dessert!  You can also visit the outlets at Al Safa 1, Al Safa Park Complex, Shop No. 3 and Al Quoz, Al Quoz Industrial Area 4, Oxygen Padel. Serving timings 9 AM- 10 PM.      

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