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Here’s KraftyHooks spoiling you silly with its exquisite collection of bright and beautiful crochet. 

Crochets are cool! And fun. And full of possibilities. This ancient needlework technique, done with one hook and one strand of yarn, can transform any fabric into beautiful and functional pieces of art.

Launched in 2022 by Dubai based crocheter Srividya Dey, KraftyHooks is a one-stop destination for crochet lovers from across the globe. The brand makes fascinating designs in bold, stunning colors to create intricate patterns that stand out for their authenticity and visual appeal.

Although KraftyHooks has already made its mark through its Instagram account, the brand was formally launched in 2023. Its forte lies in customization in terms of size, shape, color, design, type of yarn. After all, crochet and customizations go hand-in-hand.

Spinning her story with crochets

Srividya’s tryst with crochet began as a form of experimentation while she was dabbling in multiple art forms. Although her entrepreneurial journey has only just begun, the artist in her has always been drawn towards stitching, knitting and other artsy stuff. The work education subject in school gave her adequate exposure to the subject. So did her mom’s love for stitching and embroidery. Having been raised in Kolkata right from her childhood meant the city’s artistic temperament rubbed off on her. 

After marriage, Srividya moved to Delhi where she learnt French and German. Gradually, she enrolled in reputed institutes, acquired high-level certifications and became full-fledged translator. She was also actively involved in teaching and baking.

In 2016, Srividya and her family shifted to Dubai, and she was busy adjusting to new ways of life in a new country. Soon after, pandemic happened, and life came to a standstill. It was during this time that she felt a strong urge to do something meaningful with her life. Something that would be mentally stimulating and creatively satisfying. A visit to her mom’s place reignited her interest in crochet as she got curious about this stuff. Urged by her mother and sister-in-law, Srividya bought all the necessary stuff and soon dived into the world of crochet. Much to her surprise, the skill learnt during childhood had stayed with her throughout. All she had to do was practice and brush up her skill. YouTube helped with the rest. “Crocheting calmed my nerves and made me a much-relaxed person. It was a therapeutic experience for me, and I wanted to do it for the rest of my life.” With full support and encouragement from her husband and son, there was no looking back.

Srividya was aware of the lack of crochet items in the market, despite their high aesthetic value. While macrame could be found easily, crochet products weren’t so easily accessible. Realizing the untapped potential of this market, she decided to take the plunge and showcase her work at exhibitions. The strongly positive response encouraged her to turn her passion into profession and that’s how KraftyHooks came into existence. Although Dubai is all about branded stuff, she was confident that her cute and pretty hand-made items would create a lasting impression.

Crochet magic with KraftyHooks

KraftyHooks offers a delightful collection of crochet items that can light up your homes by adding that extra zing to the home decor. Be it those lovely dreamcatchers, gorgeous phone cases, dainty doilies, vibrant festive torans adorned with beads and cute latkans, charming centre table piece with cute coasters or Halloween themed pumpkin doily/placemats, there’s something for every occasion. Check out the cheerful cushion covers that are made with 4 ply cotton yarn, taking the style quotient a few notches higher. Jazz up any corner of your home with the jar cozies. These are simple mason jars covered with crochet designs in warm, holiday colors and embellished with little gold/silver threads and beads.

The brand has generated quite a buzz, thanks to its amazing line up of crochet products made up of recycled cotton. The products are all pet-friendly, devoid of acrylic stuff. They don’t pose any health hazard and are 100% washable. Its services are spread across UAE and even abroad.

What’s on the cards?

For Srividya, the journey has just begun and it’s still a learning process. Next up, the talented crocheter is planning to display her creations in Paris and e-commerce sites. Srividya wishes that “Everyone should have a little bit of crochet in their homes.” Crocheting is a dying artwork, confined to our mothers and grandmothers. But they have the potential to gain mass popularity. Srividya aims to revive this artform, and make people realize how much time and effort goes into creating each handmade piece. And KraftyHooks is a small endeavor towards that dream.

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