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MADE BY NATURE: A Mother’s Vision for Sustainable Living, Inspiring a World of Conscious Choices

In this story, the adage “necessity is the mother of invention” certainly holds true, with a mother herself taking the lead. Allow me to introduce Silvia Pieroni, an architect and a mother of two, who is also the brains behind MADE BY NATURE – a business concept that stemmed from her personal desire for sustainable and organic products.

As a mother, Silvia had a strong preference for sustainable and organic products. However, in Dubai, such options were scarce. To address this issue, she, along with a group of like-minded mothers, resorted to importing these products from countries like Denmark, Scandinavia, the UK, Canada, and the US.

Recognizing the shared need for these products within her community, Silvia made the bold decision to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. In 2014, she founded MADE BY NATURE as an online store. Initially a part-time endeavor, the business gained significant traction during the global pandemic, prompting Silvia to transition to full-time entrepreneurship. The growth was so remarkable that in January 2021, MADE BY NATURE proudly unveiled its first flagship showroom at Dubai’s DIFC.

Today, MADE BY NATURE has partnered with a diverse array of designer brands from all corners of the globe. Each brand is carefully selected based on their dedication to using organic materials in fashion and personal care, sustainable materials in toys, and their overall commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices.

Discover a curated selection of sustainable designer brands from all over the world

MADE BY NATURE offers an exciting array of innovative concepts and fresh designer creations, providing a glimpse of what you can expect:

1. Clothing Essentials: Discover sustainable and stylish options for your child, including trendy bodysuits, dresses, jumpsuits, smart shirts, pants, baby accessories, and swimwear.

2. Cozy Bedtime Comfort: Make bedtime a breeze with organic cotton essentials like baby nests, hammocks, bedding, blankets, lullaby baby toys, soft pillows, mattress protectors, swaddles, and sleeping bags to ensure your child sleeps snug and secure.

3. Gentle Care for Young Skin: Choose from a range of organic and natural baby care products, including skincare, bath towels, bathrobes, hair brushes, toothbrushes, nappies, and teethers to keep your little one feeling fresh and happy.

4. Play and Exploration: Make playtime meaningful with a selection of organic soft toys, rattles, wooden toys, play tents, beach toys, stroller toys, and organic playdough for creative play.

5. Mealtime Made Easy: Simplify mealtime with feeding necessities such as baby bottles, bibs, muslins, dinnerware, water bottles, and lunch boxes for on-the-go moments.

6. More to Explore: MADE BY NATURE also offers a chic collection of fashion wear and accessories for Moms, as well as an inspiring range of nursery furniture and home décor elements featuring fine aesthetics and creative designs that are sure to captivate.

Expanding the brand footprint as well as the brand offering with strategic growth plans

Under the astute business leadership of Silvia, MADE BY NATURE has embarked on an impressive growth trajectory, primarily driven by its thriving online store. The establishment of a flagship showroom at Dubai’s DIFC and a stylish corner store location at Galeries Lafayette in the Dubai Mall has not only heightened the brand’s visibility but has also established a reputation for creating welcoming retail spaces and offering exceptional products. The brand is now poised for its next thrilling phase with a corner store opening at Tryano in YAS MALL, Abu Dhabi.

Beyond its flourishing retail ventures, MADE BY NATURE has cultivated exclusive partnerships with top brands and designers, effectively translating these collaborations into sales by supplying major retailers across the Middle East.

Silvia’s visionary aspirations don’t end there. Future plans encompass the expansion of physical stores, creating more opportunities for customers to engage with and experience the products firsthand. MADE BY NATURE is fully prepared for a journey marked by growth and innovation, offering an exciting path forward for both the brand and its cherished customers.

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Made by Nature corner store at Tryano in Yas Mall is now open!

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