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Cló Sunlight Apparel: Colombian-Inspired Designs With Sustainability, Prioritizes Local And Aims For Global Expansion In Fashion.

Claudia Restrepo, the visionary behind Cló Sunlight Apparel, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with a mission to fuse sustainability with style.

Founded in 2020, Cló is a testament to Claudia’s commitment to creating eco-friendly clothing that celebrates individuality and comfort.

Unique Products and Services:

Cló offers a vibrant range of clothing for men, women, and kids, all designed to embrace diversity and self-expression. 

Claudia’s designs are characterized by their colourful aesthetics, reflecting her Colombian heritage, and are tailored to suit the climate and culture of the Middle East, where she resides. 

What sets Cló apart is its focus on sustainability, with Claudia sourcing 95% of her materials locally, supporting small businesses and minimizing environmental impact. 

Each garment is handmade in Claudia’s workshop, ensuring quality craftsmanship and a conscious production process.

Cló works closely with their staff to provide training and ensure that they follow guidelines to maintain good quality garments and services. 

The brand places great importance on the satisfaction of its clients, and providing high-quality service and garments is a top priority for them.

Cló views its clients as cherished companions, valuing their insights and assisting them with tailored suggestions on colours, fabrics, and styles that complement their individual tastes. 

Every client is embraced as an integral part of the Cló family.The brand fosters a sense of community and takes a personalized approach to its services.

Challenges and Growth:

Despite its success, Cló faces several challenges typical of a startup. 

Sourcing materials locally poses limitations on textile options, forcing Claudia to innovate and create unique designs. 

Additionally, running the business single-handedly demands meticulous attention to various tasks, from accounting to production management. 

However, Claudia’s resilience and dedication have fueled Cló’s exponential growth. 

From humble beginnings as a hobby in 2014, Cló has evolved into a thriving enterprise, selling over 10,000 pieces since its official launch.

Vision for the Future:

Looking ahead, Claudia envisions expanding Cló’s online presence to reach a global audience. 

With plans to launch an e-commerce platform and explore international markets, Claudia aims to establish Cló as a renowned sustainable fashion brand. 

Despite her ambitions, Claudia remains grounded in her commitment to conscious growth, prioritizing ethical practices and preserving Cló’s unique identity.

Cló represents more than just a clothing brand—it’s a testament to Claudia Restrepo’s passion for sustainability and creativity. 

With its vibrant designs, eco-friendly ethos, and unwavering dedication, Cló is poised to make a lasting impact on the fashion industry, one colourful garment at a time.

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