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Get your little fashionistas ready with Zaky’s Little Love’s playful and pretty dresses

Choosing the perfect party outfit for your child can be a daunting task. Usually parents buy amazing party dresses for their kids only to find that they refuse to wear them. Either they’re uncomfortable or ill-fitted or don’t appeal to the child. Moreover, it is hard to find proper party dresses that can be easily customized according to party themes and parents’ requirements. Picking out the right party wear for kids isn’t surely a cakewalk. And helping you maneuver this tricky terrain is Zaky’s Little Love.

Launched in 2015 by Sara Siddique, Zaky’s Little Love is a baby and children’s clothing brand that brings to you adorable collections of pretty dresses that are cute, comfortable, and versatile. Their eye-catching designs, bright colors and gentle fabrics ensure your child feels beautiful and happy, thus creating long-lasting memories for families. Zaky’s Little Love aims to be one of the leading brands in the UAE for kids’ outfits and Sara is working incredibly hard to fulfil that dream.

Here’s the story of Zaky’s Little Love’s beginning 

Zaky’s Little Love’s journey began around 7 years ago, when there weren’t too many brands and stores catering to kids’ fashion in the UAE. Sara was having a hard time looking for pretty dresses for her daughter’s first birthday. Some were overpriced, others were not pretty enough. After endless visits to shopping malls and stores in Dubai, the exhausted mother ended up buying a dress that she wasn’t satisfied with. Imagine ending up with an average, overpriced outfit after putting in so much time and effort!

Sara’s background in fashion designing came in handy as she decided to take matters in her own hands and launch her own brand. She had always wanted to work on her own terms and create something that she could call her own.

Soon, she prepared herself to don the entrepreneurial hat. What followed was a period of extensive research to understand RT markets, Tripe markets and the scope of growth in kids retail. She felt it was the right time to start since it was still an unexplored sector as not many companies were making kids dresses. Her first order was for her sister’s daughter. Everyone loved it. However, the beginning of her brand journey was difficult. It was hard to get customers. The first few years were tough with hardly any order trickling in. But Sara didn’t give up. She kept at it and gradually through social media, the brand started grabbing attention and people began taking note of her work

Because your little ones deserve the best

At Zaky’s Little Love, you get customized party dresses for your little ones, mainly catering to special occasions like birthdays or parties. The brand also features normal daily wear for kids. Customization is available wherein parents can specify their preferences in terms of design, theme, color and fabrics. Certain fabric materials spell out discomfort, thus causing irritation to toddlers. Sara explains ” The materials used here are super-soft, causing no irritation or itchiness as they’re gentle on the skin. Once we’re sure of the fabric we’re using, we do stitching, thus ensuring kids don’t feel discomfort in any way.”

Check out those elegant, vintage-style floral dresses that render a fairytale vibe to the overall look. Dress her up as a princess that she is, in handmade tutu dresses made of soft silks, velvet and net and embellished with beautiful brocades. Zaky’s Little Love provides stunning embroidery dresses too. What makes the brand stand out is its unique designs, striking colors and of course, the affordable price range of its products.

You will get the choicest of party dresses for boys and girls of all ages. Sara points out “Actually there is no age limit. I have received orders for teenagers and 18-year-olds too. “

This Dubai-based has created a strong online presence through its Facebook and Instagram pages. Customers place orders from both within and outside the UAE. In the last 8 years, Zaky’s Little Love has evolved into the go-to brand for parents who really look forward to the experience of dressing up their kids.

The Roadmap Ahead

Zaky’s Little Love is slowly but steadily moving ahead, creating a lasting impact with its products. Sara plans to make the transition from online to offline mode, setting up her own shop in the next few years. Before signing off, the feisty mother-of-two says “This is my small brand and I’ve come this far only because of immense support from my family, two kids and my customers. Especially my kids, for whom I want to achieve even more so.”

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