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Make a solid first impression with Knacktag’s customized digital marketing solutions

In the current digital era, where technology is transforming every aspect of our lives, marketing has also embraced the wave of innovation. Digital marketing has emerged as the prevailing trend, allowing businesses to connect with a broader audience compared to traditional approaches. It empowers you to precisely target potential customers who are highly likely to purchase your products or services.

Launched in 2021 by Halima Sadiya, Knacktag is a digital marketing and PR agency that focuses on helping businesses with a one-stop solution for all their digital needs. It provides clients with tailored marketing services, helping them tap the market with new trends and evolve their business digitally.

Halima points out “Our expertise lies completely in sales, conversions and direct target marketing and we would like to focus on that. We’ve already made our presence felt in countries like Bangladesh, Turkey, Saudi and intend to expand more.”

Founder’s Journey

Much before Halima’s entrepreneurial journey took off, she was already making waves as a writer. Back in college, the creative 19-year-old published her first book in India, titled “Life – The turning point”. Though writing was her passion, she didn’t pursue it further. Interestingly, her love for words soon found its way through social media.

Soon, Halima veered towards digital marketing after completing her advance level certification with google. Working as a freelancer, she started analyzing the algorithm, invested her time on different social media platforms to learn new trends to gain maximum returns for her clients. The idea was to start freelancing, get people on board with a clear marketing strategy and conversion, with high quality creatives, stunning content and move into creation of animated videos. Halima adds “Once I started doing ads and conversion began to happen, I felt this urge to use my conversion theory to help people who were looking for the right guidance.” It was then that she decided to start her own business in the UAE and Knacktag was born.

Building brands globally

Knacktag is a Dubai-based digital marketing agency that offers help to small businesses in UAE by successfully launching their businesses online. Services include website creation, google ads, setting up social media accounts, content creation and other avenues for maximizing sales.

It’s tailored, budget-friendly services appeal to clients and individuals owing to the uncompromising quality and innovative marketing solutions. Right from creating ideas to providing promising experiences, Knacktag is a one-stop solution for all your marketing needs and queries. Halima assures “Once you get your license, come to us. We’ll help grow your sales and you will witness a steady inflow of customers.” Being in the industry for years and having well-known brands as clients she believes she has a well-equipped team and experience to expand in the region.

Recently, Knacktag has jumped into PR and influencer marketing, thus ensuring collaboration with around 3000+ influencers in UAE including paid and non-paid influencers. This is the most effective way of increasing visibility and gaining brand exposure. Knacktag is looking forward to global expansion but not without solidifying its presence in the UAE.

Aiming for a steady growth

Knacktag witnessed a steep growth during the pandemic when most businesses realized the importance of a significant online presence. There was a sudden boom in website creation and Knacktag tapped into that. Summing up her journey so far, Halima says “It’s been two years and the growth is pretty steady and we basically love what we do.”

When asked about Knacktag’s future, Halima says “We currently have flexible workspace in Dubai, which offers us all the benefits. The goal for 2023 is to create our own office, and we’re currently planning its interiors.” More growth, more ideas is Halima’s mantra for the future. What’s more, the team size needs to expand to accommodate Knacktag’s growth. The brand intends to ride the AI and meta wave, making every busines realize the importance of digital world and marketing.


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