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Story of BON VOYAGE: Redefining Minimalism with Artistic Home Décor

Investing, creating, and marketing your own creations which are artistic, and beautiful, but at the same time also unconventional, presents a unique challenge for any entrepreneur. 

Rawan found that this approach was a seamless fit for her fashion and home décor enterprise, BON VOYAGE, aligning harmoniously with her vision and aesthetic sensibilities.

Started in the year 2020 with a modest investment of 10000 Riyals, BON VOYAGE reflects the personal taste of its founder, with its very clean, stylish, and minimalistic design approach. An architect by profession, Rawan was drawn towards solid form design, particularly interior design.

Today BON VOYAGE is a destination where being minimal is the focus of the design, and at the same time, the product elements do not conform to any prevailing trend or current mood boards. The bestselling product the Pearl Shell Acetate Comb was completely sold out thrice and orders still continue to come in. The recently added Nordic-style decor pieces with a natural stone-like texture, consisting of plates, trinkets, and more are already quite popular. The other products on display and sale are the one-of-a-kind hand-selected and painted Shells finished with opaque pearl-white interior with gold trim and a complete gold exterior. Quirky and cool, hand-painted Lips Incense Holder and Moon Incense Holder. Raw, textured C-shaped candle holders. The product list is curated and is slowly evolving to embrace more home décor concepts.

What makes the brand stand out is the use of its color palette of beige, and black and sometimes just very minimal hints of gold. This is the signature and it is working quite well as it separates the products from all the colorful ones out there, by offering a soothing, sophisticated visual break.

Rawan’s venture BON VOYAGE stemmed from her own shopping experience, where she did not find something that appealed to her sense of design and style.  This prompted her to start creating what she needed for herself, using her design and materials and she found that these creations appealed to her as well as those around her. Which was when she started to market her creation professionally.

Staying exclusive and creating minimalistic masterpieces is how the brand seeks to grow.

Having catered to a very close circle of customers who are choosy about what they need, BON VOYAGE has seen the scope of demand and also the positive market potential for the niche products that it creates.        

 Having created home décor and personal fashion accessories that are quite off-beat, the next milestone that Rawan intends to set for herself is creating the brand’s very own Atelier.

In this creative space, she intends to design custom-made pieces of home décor and interior design objects that are truly exclusive in terms of design, material, and finish.

Getting started on long-time projects like creating large-sized utility home furniture like sofas, couches, wardrobes, cabinets, and similar stuff is also a part of the long-term plan.

With an unwavering commitment to crafting unconventional yet minimalist masterpieces, BON VOYAGE continues to captivate the world of artistic home décor and fashion, leaving an indelible mark on design and inspiring others to embrace their own creative journeys.

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