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Rose of Gold: A Journey of Customized Gold Jewelry and Global Recognition

The jewelry you wear says a lot about who you are as a person. It’s not just a fashion accessory but a way of self-expression. People have been especially drawn to the irresistible charm of gold jewelry for ages. The luminous, alluring glow of gold appeals to people from all over the globe and that illustrates why jewelry brands focus on this exquisite metal more than anything else.

Let’s talk about a brand that breathes life into the dreams of customers by specializing in creating customized jewelry designs. Founded in 2023 in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, Rose Of Gold is the brainchild of Nana Ward and Layal Bou Habib. It embodies the beauty of a rose with the unblemished purity of gold, thus the name Rose of Gold. The brand is committed to expanding the reach of its digital and traditional sales channels. As one of the founders says “We want to continue our growth trajectory and become a globally recognized name in the world of fine, customized gold jewelry.”

How a love affair with gold began?

The journey of Rose of Gold began when both its founders were 40, born from a blend of fascination and opportunity. While the path has had its fair share of challenges, the journey has been more than worth it.

Nana and Layal were housewives, finding purpose and contentment in looking after their families and performing household duties. When Covid happened, they had ample time to reflect on their lives. “We wanted to do something for ourselves, something that would allow us to grow as individuals while also giving us time to dedicate to our kids,” says Nana.

The seeds of Rose of Gold were planted in their own backyard, sparked by a mutual interest in gold jewelry accessories, be it necklaces, bracelets, or any other ornamental manifestation of this noble metal. Their academic background in customer service, insurance, and hospitality provided a strong foundation for understanding the intricacies of business and the jewelry market.

Layal further adds “The startup’s foundation was cemented with the support of our local community, particularly our neighbors who owned a factory for customizing and selling gold. Their willingness to help and our shared enthusiasm gave birth to Rose of Gold, a platform dedicated to delivering our customers the highest quality gold products.”

Rose of Gold: Crafting Elegance in Purity

Rose of Gold boasts a diverse and unique, offering everything from necklaces and bracelets to rings, anklets, and earrings. What sets the brand apart from its competitors is the unrivaled purity of its products.

Some designs are picked up from the market while others are designed by the team. These designs are then brought to life in the store workshop. Apart from gold, the startup comes up with an eclectic collection of trendy jewellery that’s fashionable, funky, and affordable. It’s signature gold jewelry caters to traditional as well as contemporary designs, helping you choose the right jewelry based on your preference. Depending on the thickness and design, the price range starts from 200 Dirhams and can go up to 10,000. The intent is to make jewelry long-lasting and affordable for all.

Presently, the brand’s services are available to customers locally in the UAE. However, it’s constantly striving to expand its horizons to other countries in the GCC and spread the allure of Rose of Gold to new territories.

Shining future waiting ahead

Since its inception, Rose Of Gold has built a robust database of customers locally. Its unrelenting commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has been rewarded with a plethora of positive customer feedback.

When asked about five-year plans, Nana says “We envision ourselves as the preferred choice of customers globally, celebrated for our unblemished quality and unyielding commitment to customer satisfaction.”

At Rose of Gold, every piece of jewelry is more than just an adornment; it is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality, purity, and customer satisfaction.

As this brand continues to expand its horizons, it is poised to become a cherished global name, adorning lives with timeless elegance and personalized gold treasures.

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