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Grubtech – Dubai based start-up, hopes to serve as the one-stop-shop for all of Cloud Kitchens’ omnichannel food needs.

One of the few business ideas in the food and beverage sector that has mostly escaped damage during the COVID-19 crisis is cloud-based or virtual kitchens. Now, cloud kitchens have less obligations because there are no actual dining areas, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own management issues. For this reason, Dubai-based startup grubtech was established in 2019.

“We started this business having lived through the digital transformations of other sectors, mainly retail and groceries, and recognized that food was the next industry,” says co-founder and CEO Mohamed Al-Fayed. “grubtech is an end-to-end platform for delivery-centric restaurants and cloud kitchens. Online food delivery is now a significant portion of all restaurants’ revenues. But the legacy technology has not kept pace with this transformation, so we built a native omnichannel operating system automating the entire lifecycle of an order.”

Functioning essentially as a commerce tool, grubtech helps restaurants and cloud kitchens efficiently manage their day-to-day operations by offering services such as an omnichannel point of sale (POS), integration with food aggregators, an interactive kitchen display system, and a customer management portal, among others. The startup also offers analytical tools that use artificial intelligence to help food business owners identify the latest food trends and conduct customer segmentation.

“Given that we had a blank slate to work with, we were not bogged down with the constraints of legacy technology,” explains Al-Fayed. “We built everything from the ground up using the latest technology stacks to create an entire platform covering every use case of our clients. We partnered with numerous best-of-breed applications and stitched each capability seamlessly and effortlessly to bring unprecedented capabilities to our clients.”

While grubtech has already been providing its services to cloud kitchen operators in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and Pakistan, it also recently partnered with online food ordering company Talabat’s cloud kitchen initiative. But that’s not all- Al-Fayed reveals that grubtech is now looking to expand into the Asia-Pacific region and Europe as well. With the road ahead for cloud kitchens certainly looking bright, it seems safe to bet on grubtech’s prospects as well- and we’re certainly looking forward to its growth story.

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