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Hatta to open new dog-friendly cabins in March

Launched by JA Hatta Fort Hotel, the new ‘Terra Cabins’

JA Hatta Fort Hotel has unveiled new cabin accommodations called Terra Cabins that are located amidst the stunning Hajar Mountains. The cabins open on March 1.

These cabins feature natural pinewood facades that blend perfectly with their environment, and are equipped with a minibar, wardrobe, on-demand multimedia projector, walk-in rain shower, and an alcove seating area.

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The upcoming accommodations are part of the brand’s sustainable mission, which has been reflected in the construction of these cabins, through slanted roofs that can accommodate future solar panels and infrastructure that regulates AC temperature control.

“We are extremely proud of our momentum and continued commitment to follow an environmental movement that strongly aligns with the UAE’s vision for 2023, The Year of Sustainability. This expansion of the resort is also in line with the fervent belief in and support of the continued growth and development of the Hatta region,” JA Hatta Fort Hotel’s general manager Deborah Thomson said.

“As we looked at opportunities for growth, we equally weighed the project’s impact on sustainability — which is why the Terra Cabins at JA Hatta Fort Hotel were completed with a minimal carbon footprint and sustainable future in mind,” Thomson added.

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There are two types of Terra Cabins — Regular Terra Cabins and Deluxe Terra Cabins, which can accommodate four and six guests, respectively.

Terra Cabins come with a bunk bed and a double bed, whereas the Deluxe Terra Cabins includes two bunk beds, a double pull-out bed, and a patio area.

JA Hatta Fort Hotel will also provide special dog-friendly cabins for guests who travel with their pets, with an open space featuring walking trails and plenty of room for games of fetch.

Guests who stay at these cabins will have access to the hotel’s facilities, which include 24-hour in-room dining services, restaurants, and leisure and recreational activities.

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