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Middle East’s first digital school charges $1 fee per month, uses AI teachers

KIMTEK, offers a world class global curriculum from kindergarten to grade 5 along with extra-curricular classes

The first interactive digital school, KIMTEK, offers a world-class global curriculum from kindergarten to grade 5 along with extra-curricular classes for phonics, life skills, communication skills and financial literacy, contributing to holistic mental development of a child.

KIMTEK is the world’s first interactive digital school with AI teachers, the school is built on a gaming platform to keep children engaged and motivated to learn more. The digital school took 3 years to make and only costs $1 per child, per month.

World’s first interactive digital school

The digital school has a multi-lingual and multisensory mode of teaching that provides 3D models to enhance a child’s learning experience with over 800 exams, 18000 questions and 144 unique exams designed in-house by professional teachers and curricular specialists.

KIMTEK is available for those in the MENA region and can be downloaded from the Android Play Store and Apple Store. The digital school also has a gaming plaza, a mall, a music concert and more.

Anand Kadian, CEO, KITMEK Group said, “AI has become part of our lives as it runs social media. It has a major role in stock markets, energy, aviation, and healthcare that are heavily dependent on it. It is time education adopts it too. Today we realise primary education must be personalised. With the current global infrastructure, we cannot give personalised focus as human intervention in the process is absolute.

“This is the reason conventional education has a one fit for all solution or in deprived cases literally no access to education is available to more than 263 million children. KITMEK aims to solve this by making a powerful ecosystem, a safe place where education is gamified and aids a child’s inquisitive mind. With global sponsorship by KITMEK, one can provide world class personalized education at a pocket friendly $1 and even track the child’s performance,” he added.

Anand Kadian, CEO of KITMEK Group

In addition to the low fee structure, KIMTEK also has a free education programme service where anyone can sponsor the $1 per month for a child. The sponsor will receive a detailed report card of the student.

The EdTech and smart classroom market size in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe is expected to grow from $44 billion in 2022 to $120 billion by 2027.

The platform has been tested among a series of children in real world scenarios, the results were positive and engaging especially among kids who have excessive screen time, this helped as they used the same screen time but for learning purposes at an advanced space.

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