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India-based Exotel introduces a cutting-edge enterprise customer interaction platform in the UAE.

The Indian company is attempting to increase its presence in the Middle East and North Africa region through its debut into the UAE.

The debut of Exotel’s cloud services in the UAE, an Indian client engagement platform, will set the bar for customer experience throughout the region.

The company wants to give firms cutting-edge communication tools to boost client engagement.

The Indian company’s debut into the UAE is a part of its plans to increase its foothold in the Middle East and North Africa.

Formerly, Exotel was active in the UAE through its affiliate Ameyo, which offered cloud contact centre services to companies like DAMAC, IKEA, and Al Ansari Exchange.

Offering its full suite of enterprise customer interaction products, including SMS, voice, WhatsApp APIs, Omnichannel contact center, and Conversational AI, the company will now expand its operations in the nation.

Exotel’s platform will enable companies to set up and go online in less than 20 minutes, which will help them address issues encountered by digital enterprises like a lack of robust and adaptable communication APIs.

The business wants to add more digital-native businesses to its diverse clientele of Emiratis, including those engaged in e-commerce, proptech, and logistics tech.

Exotel’s co-founder and CEO, Shivakumar Ganesan, said the company’s arrival into the UAE is a significant milestone as it broadens its reach and provides cutting-edge communication solutions to a larger audience in the Gulf nation.

UAE is an important market for Exotel due to the nation’s fast expanding economy and substantial corporate community. We will be able to provide our platform to a wider spectrum of enterprises, from SMEs to major Businesses, once a local infrastructure is established up, according to Ganesan.

Exotel stated that its services have been launched and that it will begin onboarding UAE clients in February 2023.

Exotel’s platform offers a range of communication capabilities, including voice, Text, and chat, to assist organisations in streamlining their client interaction process.

Businesses may enhance their engagement strategies and better understand client behaviour thanks to the platform’s comprehensive analytics and reporting features.

Exotel is now a fully compliant cloud calling operator thanks to the recent acquisition of a virtual telecom operator licence in India that enables the company to provide affordable end-to-end VoIsP telephony services.

The cloud-based product suite of the 2011-founded company can power 70 million daily talks for more than 6000 enterprises in India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

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