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Melda Akin launches AI-driven training app to improve women’s tech skills

Sirius Labs, an AI-driven training app that aims to improve women’s tech skills and position them for potential career paths, has just been launched, according to Melda Akin, an award-winning computer scientist and the creator of D14.AI.

Melda is founding Sirius Labs to remove barriers for women in technology and to support better career paths for future female talent. She was inspired by her own experience as a woman pursuing a successful career in computer science and the difficulties she encountered.

Melda’s goal in founding Sirius Labs is to use technology to educate technology while addressing the underrepresentation of women in technical fields. Only 19% of workers in the global technology industry are women as of 2022, a 2.1% decline in the proportion of women in big tech.

When a student first enrols in the program, the Sirius Labs platform assesses them and uses AI to automatically build a personalised learning pathway specific to their requirements. Through workshops, bootcamps, and women’s empowerment events with leading technology companies, the students receive technology mentoring and are taught essential skills to obtain tech-based jobs.

Sirius Labs hopes to sign 20 hiring contracts for technology positions over the next six months and train 100 women in Turkey and the MENA region to win their ideal tech jobs.

Sirius Labs’ CEO and founder, Melda Akin,said “I believe in the power of tech to solve the world’s biggest challenges. Sirius Labs brings curated, personalized learning paths to enable women the best chance possible to succeed in the technology sector. Through our AI engine, we continuously track, learn, and improve content recommendations for our students to create the most efficient learning journey.

“With the number of women pursuing STEM subjects in higher education on the decline and only 18% of women achieving new computer science degrees, it is important that we collaborate with key players within the space and provide support and mentoring to females who want to pursue a career in technology. I look forward to demonstrating the transformative potential of Sirius Labs, and AI-driven training, for women in tech and helping them secure their dream jobs.”

Product management, project management, IOS development, Android development, introduction to AI, data science, and software development are just a few of the technology-related topics covered by the Sirius Labs programme. It also provides guidance on crucial soft skills, including interview preparation, negotiation and communication skills, dispute resolution, public speaking, and storytelling, that are necessary for success in the technology sector.

The project will work with top software firms from the MENA region. By managing Bootcamp sessions and sponsorship possibilities, Sirius Labs will assist them in finding and keeping the best talent while also empowering the next generation of female technologists. Sirius Labs is open to collaborating with businesses from a variety of sectors who are seeking to hire tech talent or provide tech training for their staff.

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