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Dubai-based crowdfunding platform to build the first democratised digital investment bank

New strategy includes the launch of the secondary market and featuring Pre-IPO companies

Dubai : Through an expanded online portal and an upcoming app, Eureeca, one of the top equity crowdfunding platforms, is creating the first democratised digital investment banking system.

The company, which has its headquarters in Dubai, has improved its position and laid out a plan that will see it create a digital investment bank with features for secondary market trading as well as a range of investment banking products made for both big institutional and small individual investors.

People will be able to invest in growth and pre-IPO businesses, participate in institutional and crowdsourced capital raising, and own shares in potential future unicorns thanks to the platform and the soon-to-be-released app.

“Since launching, we have successfully funded companies from the UAE, Malaysia, the UK, and Europe,” said Sam Quawasmi, Eureeca’s co-founder and co-CEO.“Eureeca is now in its second phase of growth.”

“We are aggressively pursuing geographical and product expansion through acquisitions and adding new services and products to support our vision,” added Quawasmi.

With Eureeca, investors can diversify their risk exposure and increase return by assembling a portfolio of possibly high-yielding, vetted companies from a range of markets, industries, and sizes. Similarly, Eureeca connects entrepreneurs with institutional and individual investors who contribute value based on the businesses’ strategic needs and growth aspirations.

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