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PUMPKIN & KALE – Nutritious plant-based meals for women, crafted by a talented chef herself

Good things come from learnings gained from personal experience. So, when Marilyne Defer the founder of one of Dubai’s very popular vegan meal plans destination – PUMPKIN & KALE – found that food gave her an opportunity to find relief from her personal battle with endometriosis and PCOS, she set herself on the path to heal others too!

Faced with persistent health issues and a sense of dissatisfaction, Marilyne often found herself carrying out a running battle with food. Exhausted mentally and physically, one day she took matters in her own hand to regain control. She undertook a profound change in her diet, seeking solace and healing through thoughtful and deliberate food choices.

Mindful eating became her personal mantra and Marilyne seeing the impact that this way of life made on her, turned her own diet plan into a woman-centric, plant-based meal plan destination. Today. from the kitchen to your table, each creation is delivered with the same love and attention that graces the meals served at Marilyn’s own family table.

Not just delicious taste in every meal, but healing in every morsel too

For every dish, it’s not just about meals, it’s about achieving that fine balance between taste, nourishment and healing through mindful eating.  Check out the meal plans in which you will get Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner and a Drink in your bag. Marilyne recommends you start a plan on a Monday to get the full experience. Food is freshly made every day, and deliveries are from Monday to Friday, between 5am to 7am.

Pumpkin & Kale caters to your diverse preferences and health goals. Choose from options like the Gluten-Free Meal Plan, Signature Meal Plan, Mediterranean High Protein Meal Plan, the specially curated 28-day Menstrual Cycle Meal Plan by a hormone nutritionist, and the Women Well-Being and Coaching Meal Plan.

For those snack cravings, PUMPKIN & KALE has you covered with an array of irresistible options. Dive into the crunch of Tortilla Corn Crackers, savor the goodness of Multi-Seed Zaatar Crackers, spice things up with Spicy Cashew Kale Chips, boost your hormones with Estrogen and Progesterone Boost Granola, and experience the much-loved Cheese Kale Chips.

For a taste adventure, explore enticing dishes such as Chili Sin Carne, Chickpeas Pasta and Veggies Stir Fry, Air-fried Sweet Potato Fries with Tahini Sauce, Scrambled Tofu and Kale Sautéed, Zucchini Rolls, Soba Noodles stir fry with Kale and Sesame Seeds, and the crowd-pleaser – Stuffed Pumpkin roast served with slow-roasted veggies and gravy sauce.

Indulge your sweet tooth with temptations like Raw Almond Brownies, Raw Hazelnut Tart, Raw Chocolate Cheese, Chocolate Log, Snickers Dates, and more. No wonder, the menu is a treasure trove of lip-smacking delights treating your taste buds to a culinary journey that marries flavor with well-being.

From a start up to a trusted source of nutritious meals – the growth story continues

PUMPKIN & KALE started as a small home business and today it has evolved to be recognized as a trusted source offering wholesome nutrition for women, delighting customers with its innovative meal plans. What’s truly fascinating is that Marilyne, the driving force behind the brand, has even caught the attention of doctors who seek her expertise for diet plans.

Customer reviews like, “Best plant-based meal in Dubai.” “Always delivers incredible food options.” “I am not a vegetarian, but I simply love the creativity and flavors that goes into each meal.” – only serve to motivate the whole team to keep excelling.

The brand mission is clear – provide proper nutrition through personalized diet plans and contribute to the well-being of women facing health issues.

In the next five years, it aims to not only expand its reach across the UAE, but also extend its services beyond international borders. For Marillyn, PUMPKIN & KALE isn’t just a brand, it’s a nutritional campaign, aiming to transform lives one healthy meal at a time.

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