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SELF LOVE & CARE LAB – Self-discovery tools for every woman on the journey to reach a state of self-love

There are moments in life when existential questions and the intense need to answer an inner calling, transcends everything else.

The enterprise SELF LOVE & CARE LAB founded by Elena Bilyk in the summer of 2022, is an enterprise that has emerged from this very life situation. Hailing from Ukraine, Elena is a certified Emotologist, in Dubai since 2015, and her enterprise is created with the purpose to help women re-discover and stay their true selves, practice self-love and build a fulfilling life.

At the age of 23, navigating life away from family prompted her to question, “Who am I?” It was a moment of realization – she didn’t truly know herself. Determined to unravel her identity, Elena delved into various tools for self-discovery.

Experimenting with different hobbies, engaging with society, and conversing with others became her roadmap to understanding personal preferences and dislikes. The years of introspection and personal growth culminated in the creation of SELF LOVE & CARE LAB.

Elena’s brainchild is rooted in her own experiences – from heartbreaks to moments of feeling lost. It truly embodies Elena’s journey and provides wonderful tools that aid in self-discovery, self-acceptance, and emotional management. The essence lies in sharing what helped Elena find herself.

Tools for women, created by a woman – because loving others can only begin with self-love

SELF LOVE & CARE LAB is a healing source of beautifully crafted, intuitively designed set of journals, filled with self-exploration questions, exercises to cultivate gratitude, try new hobbies, set goals, practice meditative coloring and much more. Currently meant exclusively for women, the goal is to bring women back to themselves, reminding them that loving others starts with loving oneself.

Different themes are available. The Guided Self Love Journal with coloring pages is for inducing a meditative calm. The Habit Tracker is truly a game changer for those looking to alter their life patterns. Designed to help keep track and note down personal habits on a day-to-day basis, it helps one to really do a conscious life inventory, set goals and nurture positive habits to achieve those goals.

The journal set “Sip Happens, Stay You.” is full of thoughtful prompts, drawing one into self-reflection and offering deeper insights into aspirations. Engaging creative exercises spark creativity with multiple fun and artistic activities, leading to expression of the inner self.

Curated for self-care and well-being, this journal also serves as a reservoir of inspiring quotes from influential women who have embraced self-love and authenticity. Each page delivers a daily dose of motivation.

With ample space for personal notes, musings, dreams, and goals, “Sip Happens, Stay You.” transforms into a cherished keepsake – a companion for life’s beautiful journey towards self-love and empowerment.

Habit Tracking Course 2024 – is happening soon and Elena is inviting anyone who wants to build and stick to new habits. In 365 days build a new version of yourself.

Starting small but creating a big impact as growth horizons beckon

Elena founded SELF LOVE & CARE LAB with a mindful approach, slowly cultivating a trusted reputation. The roster of clients too has steadily grown, propelled by positive word of mouth and genuine client reviews about the journals. Available both online and offline, the brand starting with the UAE, is set to expand globally soon by listing on Etsy.  Participating in key events in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in collaboration with How about UAE a Social and Networking Event space and also active in Ladies Meetup Communities, the brand is fostering a network of empowered women.

Elena envisions extending the reach of this supportive community and creating more self-care products. Recognizing the significance of self-love and care in the workplace, the plan includes organizing events for companies, especially in the corporate sector, where it can be a catalyst for positive transformations and well-being.

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