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Tres Jolie: Elevating Everyday Fashion with Chic Anti-Tarnish Jewelry

For most women, fashion and jewelry goes hand in hand. We love to adorn ourselves with elegant accessories that elevate our style quotient and bring out the inner confidence and grace. With the right combination of jewelry, it’s possible to transform any outfit from drab to fab within minutes!

Launched in 2021 by Queenie Lin, Tres Jolie is an everyday essential jewelry brand, bringing to you trendy yet chic fashion jewelry that can be worn anywhere anytime without any worry of losing its shine and luster over a period of time. So versatile are the jewelry pieces they can be worn without batting an eyelid at your office meeting or for drinks with friends or at a weekend party. What makes the brand even more enticing, is the affordable price range of each of the pieces.

When you don’t let your dreams lie 

Queenie’s journey as an entrepreneur may have kickstarted during the Covid times but even as a young girl, she was fascinated by the world of fashion and nurtured a dream of becoming a part of that world. She adds “I have a hospitality background but fashion was always in my DNA. However, I never found the right artisanal, handcrafted product to take the big leap.” Meanwhile, a new phase of life began with motherhood and priorities shifted. It was hard to go out and work after becoming a full-time mommy. Hence, Queenie decided to manage both from home.

Soon Covid happened and the world as we know it, changed. Our desires and dreams, which so far had been put on hold, began to take center-stage once again. Queenie felt this was the right time to plunge into entrepreneurship and fulfil her long-cherished dream. She further explains “From then onwards, I channelized my creative energy and started looking for bespoke ideas. ” That’s when Tres Jolie was conceived. Right from launching the brand, choosing the handcrafted items, creating its Instagram page and establishing its social presence – the girl did it all and with so much flair.

Enhance your everyday fashion with Tres Jolie’s versatile collection of chic jewelry

Tres Jolie offers a stunning range of everyday fashion jewelry that includes bracelets, delicate necklaces, rings, beaded chains, ankle chains, statement earrings and so much more. The brand’s 14k gold-plated, water-resistant, anti-tarnish jewelry is specially treated to resist the natural process of tarnishing which means your favorite pieces will continue looking new and shiny for a long time. With Tres Jolie, you can add anti-tarnish pieces to your jewelry collection and enjoy the benefits of long-lasting shine and durability. Queenie says with assurance “I take great pride in the quality of our products and most of them are tried and tested.”

Try out the new pair of dainty, gold hoops for a chic minimalistic look or a layered look. Summer’s the right time to flaunt Tres Jolie’s gorgeous collection of necklaces for a chilled-out beach vibe, or for adding a splash of color to a simple outfit. Moreover, check out the best-selling snake bone chains rendering a timeless appeal to your style.

What makes the Dubai-based brand stand apart is its owner’s emphasis on providing the best after-sales services. As Queenie points out “I want to build a strong relationship with clients that extend beyond sales. They’re not just customers but friends and well-wishers.  Every time I get positive feedback, I feel motivated to work harder and push my limits.”

Carving out a bright future

Tres Jolie has witnessed steady growth since the time of its launch. Orders are pouring in large numbers with customers coming back for more of these pretty pieces. After all, they complement your everyday outfits like nothing else. When asked about future goals, the founder confirms “The goal is to build more stock by doubling up the number of pieces I currently have, adding jewelry for the younger generation and hopefully spreading all over UAE and even further.”

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