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Burjeel Holdings, a healthcare behemoth in the UAE, announces a new Saudi partnership

The two businesses will collaborate on a new project that will result in the operation of a network of more than 60 medical facilities around the kingdom

Burjeel Holdings, a healthcare provider in the United Arab Emirates, and Leejam Sports Company of Saudi Arabia have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to establish a joint venture.

The new partnership between the two businesses will result in the operation of a network of more than 60 physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and wellness facilities at Leejam clubs around the kingdom.

In the major cities of Saudi Arabia, this will also include facilities for rehabilitation and sports medicine.

Burjeel Holdings JV with Leejam in KSA

“The centres will offer physiotherapy, restoration, and wellness services including vitamin infusion, oxychambers, and cryotherapy, as well as complementary medicine services including ayurveda and naturopathy,” Burjeel Holdings and Leejam Sports Company stated in an emailed statement. They added that the centres will also see medical services for pain, musculoskeletal, and neurological issues.

The Saudi Ministry of Sport is supporting the new joint venture, which will initially operate six centres in Riyadh city in the upcoming quarter.

The founder and chairman of Burjeel Holdings, Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil, stated that the partnership with Leejam to offer top-notch services in sports medicine and rehabilitation is essential as the company begins operations in KSA, a country known for its love of sports, particularly football.

Vayalil continued, “All levels of professional and amateur athletes as well as enthusiastic young people stand to gain from comprehensive care that spans prevention and rehabilitation and is catered to their individual needs. These services will establish a top-notch support network that will enable athletes to improve their performance. Additionally, we are dedicated to assisting the revolutionary Vision 2030, which recognises the significance of collaborations with the commercial sector to advance sports for wellbeing.

Burjeel Holdings CEO John Sunil and Leejam Sports CEO Adnan Al-Khalaf sign a MoU in Riyadh

The new business will also support Saudi Arabia’s initiatives to develop its sports industry as it seeks to lead the world in this field. In an effort to diversify its national economy away from the oil industry, the kingdom had just lately announced its intentions to engage in the sports and gaming industries.

“The MoU reaffirms the company’s dedication to utilising all of its resources to improve healthcare and physical fitness and to lead a healthy life for both the body and the mind. The chairman of Leejam Sports, Ali Al Sagri, continued, “Our relationship with Burjeel Holdings, a pioneer in the healthcare services industry, ensures integrated sports medicine services of the highest international standards.

According to the announcement, the joint venture partnership will be run by a newly created company registered under Saudi law, in which Burjeel and Leejam would each own an equal 50 percent of the business’s shares.

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