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UAE introduces new platform to stop deaths brought on by fake or outdated medicine

By scanning a QR code, the new programme enables consumers to verify the legitimacy of medications

Tatmeen, the first track-and-trace platform in the UAE, securely enables users to scan a QR code on a medical or pharmaceutical product and track its progress from the production stage to the patient, obviating the possibility of drug-related fatalities.

The programme was started by the Ministry of Health and Prevention to protect the general public’s health and enhance healthcare security.

From the point of manufacture until the patient receives the product, pharmaceutical and medical products can be reliably tracked and traced using the “Tatmeen” platform for medicines control.

Scan the QR code to download the app and check the medicines’ authenticity.#MoHAP_UAE 

Tatmeen to safeguard the entire supply chain

Manufacturers – After getting import permits from the Ministry of Health, manufacturers will affix GS1 barcodes to their products before shipping them out.

Logistics provider – Providers can scan drugs to guarantee timely delivery of the appropriate goods to the appropriate clients.

Customs officials – As supplies enter the country, agents can scan products to verify them and obtain complete information.

Distributors and wholesalers – Platform can be used to verify the distribution-safety of the medications on hand.

Clinical providers – Before treating patients, clinical providers can scan materials to ensure their safety and legitimacy.

Patients – Patients now have the power and capability to independently review the medications they are taking to ensure their safety and welfare.

The platform’s debut aims to increase visibility, simplify government approval processes, offer real-time data, establish the UAE as a global leader in pharmaceutical sterilisation, and fulfil GS1 global sterilising standards.

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