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Fluid Art Elegance: Discovering Tranquillity in NISHMA’S Bespoke Resin Creations

It is often said that the tough times in life bring about a genuine transformation in us, helping us discover new facets of self-expression and self-growth. Well, if you ask Nishma Thakkar the visionary behind NISHMA’S ART, as she reflects on a transformative phase in her life three years ago, she will surely vouch for this statement.

It was a time of profound challenges, where Nishma found herself at her lowest point, grappling with uncertainty and the overwhelming weight of the unknown. However, having learned Resin Art earlier, Nishma found in her craft a source of strength and resilience.

This creative venture emerged as a form of self-healing for Nishma. It served as a powerful motivator, pushing her to rise above the challenges and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Nishma’s mother – Neeta, with her unwavering belief, Brother and Sister In law and a few very close and supportive friend of Nishma, played instrumental roles in this transformation. They consistently urged Nishma to embrace her artistry and turn it into a thriving business.

NISHMA’S ART, born out of this period of self-healing, has become a testament to resilience, hope, and the transformative power of creativity. It stands not only as a business venture but as a symbol of Nishma’s ability to overcome adversity and find purpose in her passion.

Embracing the mantra “You Imagine and I Create.” Nishma extends a heartfelt invitation to her cherished clients, encouraging them to explore bespoke resin art and home décor pieces tailored to reflect their unique visions and desires.

Customized resin art pieces that evoke a spontaneous feel- good vibe

Nishma, a name evoking the essence of a fresh, cool early morning breeze, encapsulates the delightful feeling of that gentle wind on your face – a sensation that brings a smile, inner calm, and happiness. These exceptional and personalized resin fluid art creations by NISHMA’S ART, mirror the joy and tranquillity experienced in the first smile elicited by the captivating art pieces she creates.

Embark on a journey through an exquisite gallery of functional art. Each piece, from meticulously crafted coffee table tops to personalized wine glasses bearing the distinct touch of individual names, is a testament to masterful workmanship.

Elevate your living space with the grace of elegant vases, and make a personal statement with bespoke books, pens, and phone covers. Welcome guests with beautiful nameplates, and infuse serenity into your rituals with intricately designed puja thalis.

Frame cherished memories with stylish photo stands, and make gifting truly extraordinary with custom gift boxes. Revel in the artistry of custom tea boxes and carry charming tokens with you wherever you go. Transform your space with eye-catching fridge magnets and coaster sets. Personalize your daily moments with custom straw holders, and bookmarks, and even immortalize wedding flowers in resplendent coasters.

The possibilities are boundless—whatever you desire, NISHMA’S ART is ready to bring it to life.

Creating a personal approach to drive growth and brand awareness

Embarking on her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 30 with a modest capital investment, Nishma has led the enterprise on a remarkable and consistent upward growth curve over the years.

Despite starting with limited resources, Nishma has successfully expanded her clientele internationally. From catering to customers in London and the United States to reaching patrons in India and Muscat, her art-inspired products have found resonance across borders.

n a unique approach, Nishma has relied on traditional methods, participating in kiosks and exhibitions, which have not only attracted repeat clients but also garnered satisfied customers. Beyond individual patrons, Nishma’s Art extends its creative prowess to corporate clients, adding a professional touch to their spaces.

Looking forward, Nishma envisions establishing a dedicated studio that not only showcases her exquisite pieces but also serves as an educational hub for more Entrepreneurs who are looking for that one supporting hand. Her plans include venturing into crafting larger furniture items, particularly epoxy tables and grand dining tables, aiming to elevate NISHMA’S ART to new heights in the next five years.

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