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Republic Crypto establishes office in UAE

In order to increase its footprint and extend its services throughout the MENA region, Republic Crypto, a worldwide blockchain company that offers end-to-end white glove advising services to accelerate the greatest cryptocurrency firms from seed to liquidity, has expanded to the UAE.

Republic Crypto is now expanding its tech advising services to the UAE market after receiving a licence from the DIFC in 2022. This is the first stage in the company’s strategy to offer its entire suite of goods and services with the aim of improving and growing the local and regional web 3 scene. The business is also committed to working with all pertinent governmental organisations, beginning in the UAE, in order to contribute to the regional regulatory framework.

Republic Crypto will help the region’s startups and enterprises connect into and exploit the web 3 industry to further realise their full potential by bringing its considerable experience advising companies and protocols on tokenization, smart contract development, marketing, funding, and more. Among the many achievements made by the firm so far are Avalanche, Dappradar, and Zed.

Republic Crypto is collaborating with Ghaf Labs, an incubator based in the UAE that specialises in blockchain consultancy services, to help the UAE’s web 3 industry realise its full potential. Ghaf Labs will assist Republic Crypto in finding and supporting innovative new initiatives as well as establishing a powerful presence in the United Arab Emirates. Together, the two businesses hope to meet the demands of the UAE’s web 3 in the highest possible manner.

Ghaf Labs, a subsidiary of Ghaf Capital Partners, a well-known Web3 private investment company in the UAE market, helps the expansion and advancement of forward-thinking blockchain-based firms in the area by utilising its extensive Web3 domain knowledge. Ghaf Labs is in a good position to guide blockchain businesses through the regional ecosystem, enabling them to discover new opportunities for collaboration and assisting them along the way.

In order to kick off their collaboration with Ghaf Labs, Republic Crypto has partnered with MyCo (previously MContent), a web3 streaming platform based in Dubai, to assist in developing their web 3 strategy. This makes MyCo the first advisory project from the region. MyCo is a groundbreaking vertically integrated streaming platform that gives users and artists equal authority and delivers a wide range of content, including films, TV shows, influencer material, live sports, and user-generated content (UGC).

“At Republic, we have been evaluating the MENA landscape, building our network, and having consistent conversations with investors, startups, and regulators for our various lines of business,” said Anwaar AlMahmeed, managing director of Republic in MENA. Early on, we came to the conclusion that the UAE is a regional leader in the web 3 industry. I’m thrilled to officially announce Republic Crypto’s local presence and services, as well as our collaboration with the excellent team at Ghaf Labs, a pioneer in the UAE industry. I have complete faith that these three factors will enable us realise our goals for this market in accordance with our common beliefs and aspirations. I am sure that our collaboration will be able to support a strong ecosystem of quality and innovation and contribute to the industry’s future industry in the region”.

The expansion of Republic Crypto into the UAE market and its relationship with Ghaf Labs is a big step forward for the local blockchain business, according to Feras Al Sadek, the founder and CEO of Ghaf Labs. We will develop a very specific strategy centred on growth, acceleration, advisory, and consultancy services by utilising each other’s networks and skills. This will enable us to offer state-of-the-art solutions to our clients and improve the surrounding blockchain ecosystem.

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