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NOVU Rituals – A brand that focuses on beauty beyond the surface, with world class skin care products that smartly encourage care for the environment too.

Working in a profession can at times lead to some deep insights that impacts and transforms the way we perceive things. For Mary-Anne Maguire having worked in advertising, handling some of the world’s most well-known beauty and makeup brands, exposed her to the need of creating something that genuinely cared for the skin as well as the environment. 

Mary founded NOVU Rituals, here in the UAE, out of a desire to challenge conventional beauty ideals and promote self-love. Recognizing skincare as a cherished self-care ritual and a powerful tool for boosting self-esteem and good energy, Mary saw NOVU Rituals as more than simply a skincare line and created it as a movement for “beauty beyond the surface.”

NOVU Rituals stands out by providing a skincare system that not only produces excellent results but also promotes sustainability and community welfare. “At NOVU Rituals, me and my team are dedicated to creating naturally derived formulations made from purposeful high-performance ingredients that work together in harmony to achieve superior results. Contained in elegant, reusable packaging, defying the beauty industry’s throwaway mindset: Shared Mary.

The goal is to make NOVU Rituals a bathroom staple, encouraging people to adopt a fresh-faced, less-is-more aesthetic – a beauty philosophy that Mary calls “clean skinimalism.”

A routine that is good for you and good for Mother Earth

Experience the transformative power of NOVU Rituals’ skincare collection, which includes essentials such as cleanser, toner, glow serum, and hydrate cream. Formulated with natural, vegan, or organic ingredients, these products deliver stunning results while treating your skin with utmost care. 

But that’s not all. NOVU Rituals is committed to sustainability in addition to beauty. Consider sleek glass bottles that not only store your favorite skincare products but also add to your bathroom decor. When it’s time for a refill, choose the environmentally friendly product pouches made entirely of 100% recyclable LDPE material. Furthermore, subscribers receive a substantial 30% discount, making sustainable skincare affordable to everybody.

The Purify – Indulge – Replenish Routine from NOVU Rituals

This holistic regimen is designed to transform your skin through natural botanical formulas. Each product works synergistically to purify, balance, nourish, and hydrate, delivering the coveted illuminating glow you desire.


Activated Charcoal Cleanser + Witch Hazel & Lavender Toner + Vitamin C Glow Serum + Hyaluronic Acid Hydrate Cream

The Cleanser effectively unclogs pores and cleans your skin then the Toner smooths the skin, preparing it for optimal absorption of subsequent skincare treatments. The Glow Serum rejuvenates and enhances your complexion, unveiling a radiant glow. The Hydrate Cream deeply nourishes and protects the skin, restoring moisture balance for a plump and dewy finish.

You can also choose THE PURIFY PAIR comprising of the cleanser and toner. This combination adds a natural botanical foundation to your skincare routine, purifying, balancing, and smoothing the skin.

THE DEWY DUO – the glow serum and hydrate cream package offers powerful plant-based formulas to help plump, tighten and brighten skin. 

Visit the website to begin your journey to beautiful skin – Free next day delivery across GCC on orders over 150 AED.

Crafting an innovative and extensive skin care brand blended with eco friendly packaging 

Since its launch on January 17, 2024, NOVU Rituals has experienced notable success, boasting significant online sales and imminent placements in major retailers across the UAE. Their products are also available at select physical locations, including Sukun, a women’s wellness and yoga studio, where the product line is prominently displayed.

Operating out of Dubai, the company prides itself on local production, utilizing premium formulas sourced from the US and packaging and bottling operations based in the UAE.

Looking ahead, expansion plans are in the works, with the company seeking investment opportunities towards the end of the year to facilitate growth. They are eager to broaden their product range, with ideas such as masks and exfoliators already in development.

In line with their commitment to sustainability, the company is exploring even better eco-friendly alternatives for packaging materials, including seaweed-based options, reflecting their dedication to environmental responsibility and consumer preferences.

Click to start a skin care ritual that truly believes beauty is more than skin deep – it’s in the choices we make.

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